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Honouring the Child II: A Guide to Ways of Learning for Teachers and Parents
by Pamela Proctor

Honouring the Child II: A Guide to Ways of Learning for Teachers and Parents


TMI Publications is located in the small town of Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast, a short distance north west of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Since relocating to Gibsons in the 1990's we have connected with many talented persons with whom we network in support of our mutual business and cultural enterprises. We invite you to visit their websites to discover more about our vibrant community.

• Suncoast Sailcruise Canada ~ British Columbia Sailing & Cruising since 1985. Sailing from Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast near Vancouver
Sign on and learn how to crew on our seaworthy sail boat as we explore the wonderful marine environment of the Inside Passage of the Pacific Northwest coast of British Columbia.

Gibsons Sailing School

To learn more please visit • Big Pacific

Created by Laurie McConnell in the 90's, Big Pacific showcases the Sunshine Coast lifestyle and wealth of opportunities for recreational and cultural experience, relaxation, and enjoyment.

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• Canadian Culture

Created by Ray McNally, Sun Coast Designs, Gibsons, B.C., Canada

Visit Canadian Culture and Support Canada

Ray says: Canadian Culture is here for you to share ideas to make our country better, network in our Canadian Directory, and look at ways to preserve our culture. This award winning site generates 1.5 to 2 million hits per month.

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